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sweet GREECE – the Greek restaurant on Prager Straße!

Restaurant on Prager Straße

sweet GREECE – the Greek restaurant on Prager Straße!

If you are looking for delicious Greek food, then sweet Greece, the best Greek restaurant on Prager Straße, is the place for you. For 27 years now, we have enjoyed bringing Greek food culture and joie de vivre to our restaurant guests. With the move to Prager Straße, we have modernised our concept. So you can enjoy very special Greek specialities in our modern, minimalist and industrially furnished restaurant.

In addition to traditional dishes, our chefs reinterpret Greek dishes so that there is always variety on our menu. Depending on the season, seasonal and fresh ingredients are used to provide that special taste. You can enjoy our food not only in the best Greek restaurant on Prager Straße. Call us in advance and take advantage of our pick-up service so you can enjoy our food in the comfort of your own home. If you want to learn more about our restaurant, check out our Block posts. There you will find numerous articles about the sweet Greece and our Greek specialities.

The best restaurant on Prager Straße
The best restaurant on Prager Straße - sweet GREECE

Excellent service!

In addition to our modern Greek restaurant on Prager Straße and our excellent Greek food, one other thing is particularly important to us. When you dine with us, you will experience the very special Greek joie de vivre. Our staff look forward to welcoming you to sweet Greece. We try to leave nothing to be desired, so you can fully focus on the food and social interactions with your friends and family. If you want to come to the best restaurant on Prager Straße, simply book a table online or give us a call.

If you fancy our Greek specialities but don’t want to sit in our restaurant, then simply use our pick-up service. This is how it works: You call us in advance and place your order. After a short preparation time, the Greek dishes are ready for pick-up. So you can quickly stop in and pick up your lunch or dinner on the go and enjoy our food from anywhere. Our service is also excellent for large groups. You want to invite friends over, but don’t feel like cooking and doing the dishes afterwards? Then just give us a call! This way, as a host, you can’t do anything wrong and can concentrate fully on your guests and the party at home, while we deliver your food!

The best restaurant on Prager Straße
The best restaurant on Prager Straße - sweet GREECE
Delicious food and drinks at sweet GREECE

Delicious food in the best restaurant on Prager Straße!

Essential to a traditional Greek evening is the food. So that you can enjoy the Greek joie de vivre to the fullest, we prepare every dish from selected and fresh ingredients. However, sweet Greece does not only serve traditional Greek dishes. We always reinterpret these specialities so that you can find enough variety every time you visit. So there is never a dull moment on our menu. We always focus on the seasons, so that you can find dishes that are perfectly suited to each season. Of course, you can also enjoy the traditional dishes with us at any time. If you have any questions about the new interpretations of our specialities in the Greek restaurant on Prager Straße, you can simply ask our staff, contact us on social media or give us a call.

In addition to the food, drinks are of course also included to round off the perfect Greek experience. Among other things, you’ll find fresh homemade lemonades, fine wines and ouzo in sweet Greece. Our chefs also get really creative with the desserts. Currently, Greek yoghurt is available in two varieties, either with sour cherries or with honey and nuts. We recommend our homemade puff pastry with feta filling. Who can resist that?

Authentic Greek!

You’re sure to experience the Greek joie de vivre at your favourite restaurant on Prager Straße. This is also due to the fact that our staff have exclusively Greek roots and therefore carry the Greek joie de vivre within them. If you have any questions, you are welcome to ask our staff for advice. You can be sure that every single member of staff knows exactly what they are talking about. In addition to our staff, the chef, Adonios Purtsas, or Toni for short, also serves guests personally and ensures, that Greek hospitality can be enjoyed to the fullest. He has been doing this with a very special passion for over 27 years.

Besides the delicious food at the best restaurant on Prager Straße, you can also enjoy the incomparable Greek hospitality. It is important for us to introduce the Greek style of life to each and every guest. More about the Greek joie de vivre can be found at our Blog. Here we have presented the Greek joie de vivre in detail. Another speciality is the traditional ouzo after the meals. Of course, it’s a must for us and really rounds off a meal. Come by and get a taste yourself!

Greek delicacies in a beautiful ambience

Whether you are a tourist or a resident of Dresden – everyone is welcome!

A visit to sweet Greece is always an experience where you can enjoy Greek hospitality at any time. Another highlight is our indoor and outdoor area. A few years ago we moved to Prager Straße and changed our concept a bit. You can enjoy the food of your choice in a modern, industrial restaurant with plenty of space for larger groups. So you can drop in with friends and family and share the Greek joie de vivre with your loved ones.

If you want to enjoy the last rays of sunshine this year, you can also reserve a table in our outdoor area. This is decorated in Greek style with many plants and provides a pleasant atmosphere. For more information, read one of our blog posts. If we’ve convinced you, book a table at the best restaurant on Prager Straße today and let us know how your experience was.

Experience the Greek joie de vivre at sweet GREECE